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Outdoor Kitchens - Ready made or custom


Follow these steps to achieve your dream outdoor kitchen.

  1. The first place to start is identifying the area for your kitchen. When doing this it may be helpful to identify mains like power, gas, and plumbing. We then recommend you identify where the sun is throughout the day and around your possible cooking times, we do encourage that the kitchen has some protection from the sun as the benchtops can get very hot.
  2. Next it is then time to look at the size of the kitchen and how it will be positioned. For example, your kitchen may either be a wall mounted unit, stand-alone island, or both. You may then conclude that you would like a 3m wall mounted unit with a 2m island positioned opposite. Keep in mind appliances may dictate the size of your kitchen.
  3. This is the time to look at appliances. This may be an inbuilt BBQ such as Masport, Weber,Bull or other that can often be found in a dedicated Barbeque Shop or the big box stores. Smokers are also an option with the likes of Kamado joe and green egg. Fridges, pizza ovens and cooktops are also popular, however some of these appliances need to be protected from the elements so pergolas may be needed. When choosing your appliances keep in mind the size of your kitchen and the space each appliance requires. You may wish to ask us what appliances we recommend.
  4. After BBQ’s, fridges etc are chosen you may wish to include a sink. The spec/dimension sheet will be required for every accessory to enable accurate clearances.
  5. Next you will need to sketch a drawing of the kitchen and the layout of your appliances. You may then wish to decide whether you would like drawers or cupboards with the remaining space. It is required that you note the codes and spec sheets for your appliances and send them through to us along with the line drawing.
  6. If you would prefer, we are also able to come up with a kitchen design. We would need to know the available space for a kitchen, chosen appliances and your preference of drawers or cupboards. We can also provide an on-site visit to the immediate Auckland area preferably after a draft plan is produced and a deposit paid just to check off in case anything is missed.
  7. Send through line drawings, spec sheets of appliances and photos of the area for your kitchen. A professional line drawing and brief quotation can then be expected within 2-3 days.
  8. Double check your plan. We advise that you look over the drawings to make sure everything lines up with what appliances you have chosen and size of kitchen you requested.
  9. Choose your colours. Upon approval you will then select colours for both the benchtop and cupboards.
  10. An official quotation is then provided for you to sign and return.
  11. An invoice requesting a 50% deposit can be expected within 24hours. If you are purchasing appliances through us full payment for the appliance portion will be required also as currently the fridge is shipped directly and also some Inbuilt Barbeques.
  12. Delivery/Installation options. Discussions will then be had regarding whether you would like:
    • Flatpack self-pick-up. No cost
    • Delivery by truck in plywood box form. POA
    • Assembly and self-pick-up. POA
    • Delivery in flatpack. POA
    • Assembly and delivery. POA
    • Assembly, delivery, and installation. POA
  13. Manufacturing time estimate. After the order is placed ETA updates will be provided over the course of production. Usual ETA is around 2 months.
  14. Final Payments. Depending on delivery requests, either 40% or 50% will then be required upon arrival. Remaining 10% will then be required upon delivery/installation.


Do I need Council approval?
Yes, in some cases.  It is your responsibility to make sure the set-up of your outdoor kitchen complies with local Council regulations, including gas regulations.

Can I install my outdoor kitchen in the open with no shelter?
Yes, our product has full aluminium cabinets that will not rust or expand like other materials on the market.  However, it is recommended to install your outdoor kitchen with some aspect of shelter, as the product may show signs of fading and weathering in an open area.

What does installation involve?
Alfresco Outdoor Kitchens come flat packed and fully pre-drilled.  All cabinets will need to be assembled and doors attached.  We can offer an installation service if requested.

How long until my outdoor kitchen is ready?
If the package you order is in stock, it will leave the day after payment is received.  Custom made outdoor kitchens can take up to 60 days to be shipped.

Should I install a rangehood above my outdoor kitchen?
Rangehoods are recommended but not always necessary in enclosed areas.  Check with your local Council.

Can I hose around the kitchen?
Yes, our outdoor kitchens are full aluminium construction and water will not have any negative affect.

Does my outdoor kitchen require any special maintenance?
To ensure you get the best out of your outdoor kitchen, it is recommended to maintain the aluminium and granite as per our Care and Maintenance Instructions.

Who organises the plumber and electrician for installation?
You will need to organise this with your local tradesmen.

Will the sun discolour my outdoor kitchen?
Granite is a natural stone so it may show signs of fading in direct sunlight.  It is recommended to maintain the granite as per our Care and Maintenance instructions.

Do you offer an installation service?
We can organise an installation service in most parts of New Zealand.  This needs to be included in the quote when ordering your outdoor kitchen.

What type of warranty do you provide?
Alfresco New Zealand supplies a Limited 10 Year Warranty with every outdoor kitchen.

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